Coach Pouch - What do you use it for?

  1. My sister gave me a Coach Pouch for my birthday. My question is, what do you usually use this small bag for? Would you use it as a purse or as a cosmetic pouch? I would love to use it as a purse but the strap is so short. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  2. Personally I cant use a bag that small. But it would be great for maybe an evening out when all you need is maybe keys, lipgloss, money. Really small items. Maybe you could exchange it for something a little larger.
  3. I have one that I used to use for the gym. It fits my Treo,lipgloss, MP3 player etc.
  4. Actually, I'm so small the only bags my mom lets have are pouches. Like the Small sig. stripe tote, for example, I'd just kind tip over to one side wearing it! I use pouches because I only carry a mini skinny, cell phone, carmex, and on rare occasions a 1st gen. iPod nano. so it depends on how much you carry, really.
  5. I have Coach pouch and the only time I used it was at the gym to carry my Ipod, cell, and weight training gloves. Now that I have gym equipment at home, the pouch is collecting dust.
  6. Even though the strap is short you might be able to use it as a wrist clutch. The basics like a cell phone, lipstick, and a coin purse for money might fit in there. Otherwise it could be used as an organizer inside a larger bag for traveling.
  7. Which pouch are you guys talking about...? The strap to mine is pretty long...

    Oh waaaaaaait... *duh moment* I'm thinking fanny pack. Fanny pack and pouch are the same thing to me. *lol* I forgot that Coach has small "pouch" bags. Haha... I don't know why I didn't make the connection since I have a hot pink signature pouch bag myself. I don't use it, though, because it's small. It's currently being used as a storage bag for my Coach wallets.
  8. Honestly I find that size way too awkward unless I was throwing it into a larger tote or into a suitcase to hold makeup, etc. On its own doesn't work, IMO. I would exchange it!
  9. I use a top handle pouch inside a larger bag when I need to take it out to run errands. I can fit a digital camera, wallet, cell phone, hand wipes, etc. with no problem. Sometimes when I travel, I keep power bars and other goodies I need inside so they won't get crushed.

    I have the holiday 06 top handle pouch, and I awlays get compliments on it whenever I use it. It's a great little bag for an evening out as a larger alternative to a clutch.
  10. I have one, and I use it as a purse when I don't want to carry very much. It fits my keys, cell, wallet, lip gloss, and probably more but that's all I usually carry in it.
  11. I have a Holiday plaid pouch from a few years ago. I use it as a little evening bag for Christmas parties. :flowers:
  12. Makeup case or thrown in a larger bag to keep small essentials. I'm tall (5'8") so smaller bags carried as a purse looks ridiculous on me.
  13. Movies, grocery shopping, going to firends' or family's homes...
  14. For a small bag, it actually fits every thing I need. I just wasn't sure if it was meant to be used as a purse since the strap is so short. I used it as a purse tonight and it was cute but I guess it is much cuter on my daughter.
  15. I generally like a good size bag, but I just went out and bought a pouch specifically because I felt I needed a smaller bag. I did buy the tattersall one, which is a little larger than most of them (9" instead of 7") but I wanted it for when I go shopping- because when you need to get your wallet out frequently its frustrating to dig for it! And for going out to dinner because its small enough that I can put it on my lap if there is nowhere to put it. I'm also tall, but I don't think it looks ridiculous on me. Or maybe it does, but I don't care :smile: haha