Coach Posey Sunglasses pics...

  1. Hi, I bought my Coach Posey sunglasses a month ago. This week I wore it for the first time visiting San Diego, CA.
  2. Here are pics of the sunglasses when I first got them.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. donnydp, congrats! Your sunnies are SO cute! :tup:
  5. They look so cute on you!
  6. I love these, they are on my wishist! They look terrific on you!!!!!!! So Cute!
  7. They look great on you! I love that wallet next to it, too!
  8. they really suit u!
  9. they look great on you!
  10. I agree with everyone else. They look great on you! :smile: I used to live in San Diego, but never got to go on the Midway. Did you actually go on or just get a pic in front of it? And did you see the Star of India?
  11. agreed with everyone else.... those sunnies look very cute on you! I was in San Diego a few weeks ago. I love that city! :heart:
  12. I got a pic in front of it. I didn't go on because I was too lazy too and it was hot that day. And what is the Star of India? I got a pic of the large statue of the couple kissing.
  13. i love the posey sunglasses! they're so adorable, and really suit asian faces too! my best friend recently bought them too. she can never find sunglasses that suit her face shape and the flat nose bridge. but she tried the coach posey, and they look soooooo good! congrats!