Coach Poppy

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  1. I know there are some serious Coach lovers here but I never hear anything about the poppy line. I'm undecided about buying this since the fall is right around the corner. Is this do-able for the winter?

  2. if you love it i say go for it.
  3. I tried to like it but couldn't. It just didn't look right on me. If you can rock it, buy it!
  4. I think it would be fabulous in South Florida on someone in their early 50's, deserving of many unsolicited compliments when she was out and about.
  5. This is definitely a spring/summer bag only, I think. It looks cute, but I think when you see it in person, the flower looks somewhat cheap, like the stitching, etc. isn't very well done.

    And I don't think it necessarily has to be for someone in their 50s, I could see people in any age group pulling this one off. It's a very cute tote, and it's nice that there aren't any logos on it.

    Anyway, that's just my opinion. I'd advise you to see it in person first and try it on (if you can find it anywhere, outlets, maybe?) before you get it.
  6. I dunno, the poppy design itself is mostly suede, I don't think it would take a lot of weather abuse in the winter. But if you live in a warm area, I think it could work. I think the poppy motif is a hundred times prettier in person too, it's really intricate.
  7. I actually like this more as a Winter/Spring bag than a Summer/Spring bag. The cool white and vibrant red remind me more of Christmas than Memorial Day.
  8. I love this bag any time of the year!
  9. If you like it, get it!
  10. They have this bag at our Dillards store in Port Charlotte, Florida.
  11. I agree, all the red always reminded me of holly and Christmas decorations.

    This should be in the COACH forum!
  12. I love the poppy line and went through a lot of trouble to get the wristlet as Coach is almost impossible to find in Europe. I won't be using it in winter but that is because my winters are 9 months of rain and snow and I don't want to ruin it.
  13. I LOVE it. :biggrin: I think you should go for it!
  14. I thought you'd be talking about the new winter bag I saw from Coach. It's brown suede w/a red poppy on it all in suede. It is GORGEOUS!
  15. ^ Coach doesn't have a "new winter bag" with a suede poppy on it. Unless you're referring to this which came out a few years ago: