Coach Poppy Pocket Hobo - HELP me choose a color!!!

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  1. I really really love the style of the Coach Poppy Pocket Hobo - especially the POCKETS on the front of the bag! Now my only dilemma is which color to get?

    Magenta Metallic (I think this was a pilot color)
    Purple Ombre
    Sparkle Leather

    I'm not too sure about the sparkle leather because it's such a light color and I normally don't wear light colored bags just because they get dirty too quickly. I recently got the Spotlight in gold and I LOVE it, it's so sparkly and shiny so I'm looking for something else with some pizazz. Also, I'm not sure of the difference between the magenta metallic and the purple ombre which I know is patent....which one is more durable, etc.? That might be a key factor in how I decide...though I think I might be leaning more towards the magenta just because the ombre can look like tie dye at times and I don't know if I like that look that much.

    I would appreciate any suggestions from anyone! Thank you!:smile:
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    I wouldnt get the sparkley white leather one...its dusted suede. It will hold denim transfer, and get dirty really quick. You cant clean it with anything eaither.
    I vote for the purple ombre! It is a fantastic color! Also the patent leather can just be wiped off with a damp cloth!
    If your not sure you really like the ombre, then search for the magenta!
  3. i have ombre and magenta and i say ombre aswell, due to what bagldy just said. ita!
  4. wow thanks for that info...i was interested in one of those dusted suede bags and was wondering about denim transfers. you answered my question without my having to even ask! :P
  5. I saw your modeling pics of each of those colors - what do you think of the material of the magenta one? Do you think it will stain/scratch easily? You prefer the purple one over the magenta one?
  6. WWAAHH!!!!!!!!! Say it isn't so. DH gave me the sparkle leather groovy for Valentine's and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't want to have to return it, but I don't want it to get filthy dirty either. Are you certain that it's so delicate? :cry:

  7. The sparkle leather is my fave, but as the others have said hard to keep clean and not very practical. I vote for the ombre.
  8. The magenta is very pretty, but someone here had problems with the finish rubbing off and ended up returning it.
  9. I only posted modeling pics of the ombre one, I received my metallic magenta one yesterday afternoon. I wasn't even intending to get the metallic magenta hobo, but i saw a low auction and just placed a bid- and no body else did... so I kinda got her, but I'm not sure yet if i want to keep her, remember that i have read on here that AileenGP bought her and had metallic rubbing off twice with the same bag... but the color... just couldnt resist :P She is gorgeous, very beautiful IRL, but I haven't even tried my things in her yet- too busy with a sick kid at home... i have no idea how she would hold up over time...
  10. Dusted suede will get filthy in that light color. Magenta has been having rubbing issues.

    The purple ombre is AMAZING in real life! Patent is so worry free you cannot go wrong with it!

  11. Thanks so much for the I think I'm leaning more towards the ombre because it seems the most durable, I'd hate to have to spend the money on the magenta one if she's just going to rub off!
  12. I have the ombre one and LOVE it!! I also have the black leather with silver trim, haven't used it yet but LOVE it too!! Another favorite for me is the powder blue, I think they call it!! The solid black is really pretty too!! :smile: Hmmm....I don't think I have been much help!!
  13. I love this bag too, but none of the colors will go well with my wardrobe and I already have a Hailey in black (which I love), so I don't want a black one. Booo!! I'm sure they'll come out with more colors in the fall though. I really could use a brown or blue bag.....
  14. now i want a poppy pocket hobo
  15. the magenta one is 30 percent off at my macys in torrance ca.