Coach Poppy line

  1. i absilutely LOVE this line! i know of three people at my school that own one and im going to make it four! i MUST have one of these bags!

    This is some of the examples i've seen...[​IMG]
    This is the one im looking for i love it!
    but then again, i love all demis :P i question the product in the photo above...this one is the one off of ebay im going to get posibly..
    [​IMG]this is the front veiw..
    [​IMG]This being the back side of it..(Yay! the c's line up in the middle and side seams!! )

    Some other poppys i've seen around the net...
    [​IMG]:O!! is that a poppy tote and ristlet?!
    [​IMG]This my friends is the Worst attempt at a coach Poppy line ever.
    Well, thats all for the poppy line right now, some beutifull examples i found! and the one im curently stalking on ebay. LOL this is what i've seen with some other things i wouldent mind having!

    Polka dots! OH MY!
    [​IMG] and in Demi too! *drool* i wish coach would put this line back on the website! i would snatch it up so fast! im not good with the white leather :/ im afraid i would ruin something so nice!:crybaby:
  2. Note: I dont own any of these, just expresing my love :heart:
  3. I'm a fan of both lines as well but own neither. I've seen the polka dot line at the outlets maybe last season around March. I would have loved to have gotten the demi or wristlet. The flower is beautiful but I can't tell what I like more the flower on the white leather or on signature!?!
  4. Another fan of both lines. I own the poppy demi and it's really cute. I wanted something from the poppy line but not anything too big, so the demi is great.
  5. I love the poppy line. Poppies are one of my favourite flowers so I was very happy when this line came out. I have the Signature poppy wristlet. I thought I'd post a picture of it in case anyone is looking at one on eBay and wants an authentic one to compare it to. The flower is pretty intricate and delicate - it's leather, suede and satin in various shades of pinks, purples, reds, greens and blues - so I'd imagine that it'd be hard to fake well. Most fakes should stand out (like that monster that Fuz showed - :throwup: ).

    Anyway, here it is. Oh, it also shows how the suede bits on the flower can get pretty grubby. I bought it last Christmas and used it all spring as a wallet so it got A LOT of use. The white piping is also starting to look a little bedraggled. Just something to consider for anyone thinking of buying one.
    poppy wristlet 2.jpg
  6. This line is so cute! It reminds me of spring and makes me happy! I like the demi and the tote best

    Sialia- your wristlet is so cute! I like the little agenda-looking keyfob thingy! (Lol, sorry I have no idea what its called)
  7. i enjoy this line, alot, and i found a Dot Demi thats going for 15.00 on ebay, because it has yellowing on the leather and a few scuffs! i wonder how much it would cost to get it fixed?
  8. not sure about the outlets, but at department stores I think they are all going 50% off right now :biggrin:

    although i must say, i really do like the poppy demi bag with just plain leather :love: it was like 114 last i checked
  9. i like the sig. poppy bags :heart:
  10. oooh i like those...Very pretty
  11. I am surprised how detailed they got with this bag. There is so much detail that went into making the poppy; the suedes, leathers, satin, different color threads, etc... very pretty! :smile:
  12. there is a ton of detail in this purse..its almost crazy insane to even make a fake that looks remotely close to this bag!
  13. Yeah, one of the reasons I fell in love with it was the amount of detail. There was a thread a while back where people were very divided on whether they liked the poppy stuff or not and someone mentioned that it's really a work of art because it's so intricate. It really is! I'm so glad now that I bought it, even though it's getting dirty. It's still soooo pretty.
  14. I agree! When I saw it online, I wasn't that impressed, but when I saw it in person I was in love and pleased by the intricacy of the design and the 3-D effect. I love them on the white leather. I have a small hobo, but REALLY want a tote. If anybody sees one (aside from e-bay) please let me know. Thanks!
  15. i want a signature tote, rather than white leather ^^;