Coach poppy hair scrunchies

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  1. I like that...way cooler than their last hair tie things.
  2. Oh my those are stinking cute! TFS.

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  3. I wish we would get Coach goodies just like Japan does.
  4. Very cute. Love it!
  5. Poppy scrunchies rock really nice... I want one.
  6. I'm going against the graining and saying that "scrunchies" haven't been cool since the early 90's...and this is no exception. A scrunchie is still a scrunchie...and in my professional opinion, a BIG no-no!
  7. ^ I was kind of thinking the same thing, but what do I know, I kind of think I am a fasion disaster. Maybe scrunchies are making a come back? If only the bannana clip would make a come back as well....

  8. This may be the case for say everyday use. But I think a scrunchie is perfect for Yoga Class and when I hit the gym.
  9. haha...i used to wear scrunchies when I was little's still very cute!
  10. To each their own.
  11. Huh! I'm kind of surprised that Coach would bring scruchies back. I haven't seen those since.... hmmm.... 1995? Maybe 96? Not so sure they're cool.... but it's definitely interesting. Maybe it will be like the re-vamp of the denim jacket, which happened around 2001? :thinking:
  12. I love them!!! I'm old, have long hair and wear scrunchies a lot. Little did I know they weren't "in style". I hope we can get them.
  13. OK, THANK YOU!;) I was thinking the same thing....It's just so wrong....
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