Coach Poppy-Chan Shirts!!!

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  1. Today I just picked up the brand new poppy chan shirt and wristlet,before class. And I must Say to the very least im very impressed, but one issue.... the shirt is the right size... but im afraid im only going to get a few uses out the shirt. Because, it has cute jewels and glitter glued on it... which stuff like that usually come off in the washing machine no matter how gentle the cycle is and the fact the image is print on the shirt, it's not actually the fabric. So the slightest streach will have lines/streaks in the print.... What should I do??? I love it, but I also what my money worth... I can always get something else, Cause I love the new line.
  2. Hand wash ;) That is if you really like the shirt...otherwise I would exchange it for something else.
  3. Thanks for your quick replay... I think I just trying to fool myself to buy something else.... I'm addicted
  4. I KNOW the feeling...LOL...I just bought the new Poppy heart graffiti swingpack...and I am asking myself when will you use it?! I really want the new trompe l'oeil wallet with the heart I am pretty sure this is why I am second guessing myself ;)
  5. do u have pics of the shirt?? i'm kinda curious thx
  6. picts!!
  7. Yes, I'll upload them tonight when I get off of work!! :biggrin:
  8. Pics =)
  9. I love the shirt with all of the Poppy girls on it but I would feel bad about spending that much on a t-shirt (even the shirts with one girl on them are more reasonable).
  10. I have seen the one with all the girls in it and it is really really nice..