Coach Poppy Black Patent Leather peeling!

  1. I have a coach poppy black patent leather bag that I bought a year ago at Macys. Today I was looking at my bag and noticed that the patent was peeing above one of the straps and around the zipper. Also there is another place on the side that looks like it could peel too. I am really bummed because I love this bag! I may give coach a call to see if it could be repaired. Should I try and take it back to Macy's? ( I think I still have the receipt). Has anyone else noticed their poppy patent leather bags peeing? If so how did you handle the situation?
  2. You can actually bring it back to any Coach boutique and they should either be able to send it in for repair or offer you a credit for the bag on the spot. They may also offer to exchange the bag for something else. If you send in a bag for repair, I believe it costs $20. It doesn't matter that you purchased the bag at Macy's. I personally haven't had to send in a bag for repair, but a lot of people on here will be able to offer their information as well. Hope this helps.
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    If you take it to Coach, they will opt to send it to corporate for the "decision"...meaning, corp will determine if it's repairable or not. Most likely, with peeling leather, they will send you a letter telling you that it is not able to be fixed. This letter will be a 40% off your next purchase letter. You may or may not get your bag back, not sure about that. If they offer you full credit, then they will keep your bag, but you will get the full amount of your purchase price in merchandise credit.
  4. This is my worst fear! I really hope my spotlight doesn't end up peeling!
  5. Thank you for the suggestions! Keep em coming! =)
  6. Uh oh I hope they give me credit rather than a coupon! =\
  7. Sorry to hear this, which bag is it? As the others suggested, I'd take it into a boutique and show them.
  8. My Poppy Spotlight in black peeled in the same area as yours.So sorry, I would take it in and have Coach send it in for you.I just took the leap and purchased another patent bag..They are great as far as taking care of them!I hope you get this resolved, gl!
  9. My tartan glam peeled on the patent leather handles. I sent it back October 1st. On October 20th I received a credit letter at my home for the full price of the bag.
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    I have a Poppy leather shiny black pocket hobo. My very first chalk pocket hobo got dry and rough and peeled after a week. I took it back to FP and they credited me. I have since gotten two more. I got a black and a chalk pocket poppy at the outlet and was excited for 50% off. I am wearing the black now forr 2 weeks straight and I have noticed the same roughness and dry areas. It looks like it is about to peel. I showed the SA at the outlet and she said it is just the leather, the coating over leather to look shiny. I think it will peel eventually and i will have to take it back, but I do not think this leather coated is very durable. I would take yours back. Mine is not that far gone yet and I just so love the pocket hobos. I just wonder why these bags are having so many issues lately. Years ago, there was nothing at all...good luck in replacing your fave.
  11. Well, I called both the department store and also coach just to see what they said. They both said to bring the bag in to have it looked at. I do still have receipt! Yay ( hope that helps get me somewhere!) I am just concerned that they will say nothing can be done and send me a coupon for 40 off! I spent a lot of money on this purse and I don't want to have to end up spending more because of a coupon! Has anyone received the coupon? If so does it expire and can you use it anywhere? ( as in a department store) If I could use the coupon on a sale item that would be awesome... don't think that would happen though!
  12. I have the same bag. I hope it doesn't happen to me. :cry:
  13. My patent spotlight peeled as well. The boutique sent it in, waived the $20 fee. I got credit for the bag, not a 40% letter. this was about 3 months ago.
  14. Really? How old was your bag when it started peeling?