Coach Poppy bag -- authentic colors and styles

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  1. Does anyone remember what color and style the Coach Poppy were made in? Did they make a duffle version? If so, was it only made in white, or was it also made in black and beige?
  2. Do you mean the patchwork poppy from a couple years ago or the poppy ones from spring 06?
  3. Hmmm....I'm not sure which one I mean..

    I'm definitely not talking about the signature ones, but rather the soft leather with what looks to be appliqued poppy design.

    I'm honestly not sure of the difference between the '06 and the older ones.
  4. The older ones were suede, and the newer ones were either white leather w/ a suede flower, or the tan sig. with a suede flower. I think they came in a white leather, and a tan suede, with a pleated hobo in white, a tan sig. in the duffle style with the braided strap, and a tote style and also a demi and some wristlets.
  5. the poppy gallery tote was only in white...the signature was made in a duffle style with a poppy on it.
  6. I wanted the signature poppy duffle so bad. Im so upset now I cant find one anywhere
  7. There was also a signature demi with the poppy on it. Try Macy's or other department stores. I just got the demi for $75! (Originally $228!)
  8. Did the Poppy Duffle only come in white? Or was it also made in tan/beige too? I'm trying to authenticate a poppy duffle that's in tan leather, but I don't have pics.
  9. I thought the poppy duffle came only in signature...can't recall seeing it in leather??? Wish I'd started keeping my catalogs sooner....I'd have a GREAT record of the past 3 years!
  10. The duffle only came in the signature with white leather buckles and brass hardware. Let me know if you want me to pull my catalog and I can look up styles names and numbers.
  11. the only one in leather was white