Coach pool color?

  1. I've been tempted by the Coach Bleeker duffle in Pool but I can only see it on my computer screen. Does anyone have a Coach bag in this color with a pic that they could share? TIA!
  2. I did have the Bleeker Duffle in the pool color but found I preferred the Canary yellow more. Here are some pictures of my Bleeker pool duffle that I returned. I never posted pictures of this bag here as I returned it. I don't have any modeling pictures just these two. In all honesty it is a lovely color.
    IMG0001.jpg IMG0002.jpg
  3. I haven't seen it IRL... but it's okay. I wish Coach would make this bag closer to the color of this font...maybe a mix of Ink and Pool...
  4. I don't know where they get pool from, all I see is public restroom blue...
  5. So glad to hear someone else say that! On the risk of alienating my fellow Coach fans, I think the Legacy rose looks like public restroom pink.:sweatdrop:
  6. maybe coach is having a lot of toilet humor floating around the office right now lol
  7. Thank you so much, Liz, for posting the photos! The color *does* remind me of the color of the tiles in my high school pool. (Not a good memory. :confused1: )

    You guys are right, the color is flat. It needs more pop. The color on the Coach web site, at least on my computer, has a bit more sparkle.

    Ah, well. This does save me time and money. Thanks, guys! :tup:
  8. The pool color is okay but the hot colors are the canary and grass green.
    Even the buckskin is so beautiful - it looks like a latte grande in person.
    Ah well, just hang in there and wait and see what Coach makes later on.
  9. I do love the canary and the British tan duffle. But yeah, I am thinking I'll just wait and see what additional colors Coach comes out with later in the spring.

    The only store within hundreds of miles of my house that carries Coach is a Macy's and they have a very small counter with just a few fabric bags. They never ever carry the leather bags. So I'm stuck trying to get a sense of the colors and leather from the photos here and on eBay.

    Yes, I know, whine, whine, whine... :okay:
  10. It's still a toss up for me if I want the grass, canary, or buckskin. Those are my favorties. The magenta is out again, so I'm still debating that.
  11. I think pool will be fab in the patent. Shiny....water....ahhhhh.

    Atlantic is still the best color ever...they need to make more bags in that color.
  12. I love all the 'brights' in the Bleecker Collection!
  13. Agreed :tup:

    I personally think the pool duffle looks beautiful :smile:
  14. The yellow is wonderful! I got the magenta off eBay and its really nice too!
  15. I really want the Bleecker wristlet in pool---so pretty~