Coach Polka dot tote and umbrella

  1. i saw that one, too...
    that's an awful lot of dots...
  2. If only that set wasn't $600, because I still regret getting the demi instead of the tote because I LOVE the tote, and that umbrella is too cute!!
  3. um im not quite sure if thats real
    something looks off
    but im no expert
  4. it's the inside!

    i believe.

    i have the gallery tote polka dot (purchased at a coach store)

    and the inside zipper isn't like that.

    but it does have the bullet eye and while some pple believe that hasn't been faked yet i firmly believe that if you can fake the storyboard you can certainly fake a small little thing like a circle within a circle mark.

    but its a damn good one, or maybe the umbrella is real. my coach tote does have the white hang tag on both but you can easily get that from customer service for free but i also remember the umbrella having a clear handle (the cool part about limited edition coach umbrellas)


    it's hard to say. but the bag is fake.
  5. Those are cute. I like the tote.
  6. That bag is not fake.

    You can tell by the interior, its authentic.

    If you say yours is different, just prove it.

    Show pictures of your zipper.

    IMO the purse is real, I have no link with that seller just to let you know.

    Show pictures because I think you are just bla bla to scare away sellers.

    Your turn now...
  7. are you kidding!
  8. ummmm okay. :shrugs:
  9. Azabche, if you're so sure of this tote's authenticity, how come you're asking us to authenticate the same bag (look at the thread here)??:shrugs:
  10. she was trying to make a point and see what everyone else thought...or so i figure. just to be annoying, i guess.