Coach Plush Dog

  1. Does anyone know if this Coach plush dog was ever sold? It's cute.

  2. I have seen it on eBay a few times, but they are few and far between. It's so cute!!!
  3. They are really cute.
  4. I think that I've seen it once in a Coach catalogue, but I've never seen it in the store. Out of curiosity, how much was that doggy in the window? (Heh...sorry, I couldn't resist the pun.)
  5. Yes, I got 2 on eBay. They are in my curio cabinet.
  6. I have also seen them on eBay
  7. I think it was for sale a few years ebay is the way....every once and a while I bid on one...have yet to win one yet. Haven't looked for a while.