COACH planners

  1. Hey! Im looking to buy a Coach planner not sure which one tho.. i just got a black botkier trigger (YAY!) I have a black coach wallet and check book, I am the type that likes to match my stuff (BAG WALLET CLOTHES Etc.. i'm a bit obsesive when it comes to matching) i was looking at getting a black one but i think i want to add some color to my bag!! the trigger bag has silver markings but all of the coach planners have gold! idk if im fond of mixing the 2!! should i keep looking or get a coach planner? does the gold and silver thing make anyone else cringe? lol:wtf:
  2. So sad for me to admit... I absolutely hate mixing my silver hardwared soho wallet with my legacy shoulder bag! It does bug me, but only thing I can do is buy another wallet. Maybe try the outlets and see if they have an older style agenda with the silver hardware. eBay always has someone selling a NWT agenda from last year.
    this blue one would add some color shock to your black bag.
  3. just get the one u like the most..