Coach Pinnacle Allie - color question


May 11, 2011
Hi SomeDH, I have the Pinnacle Allie in Lake and I use a silver woven wallet with mine, not available anymore but silver would be a great color to go with the Lake (blue).. I also agree with mary G that the grey embossed would look awesome with it as well! Good Luck with your decision! :smile:

went to the store today and looked at the madison embossed croc accordian in grey and teal.
both had their pros and cons.
in general, what is the thought about teal to try to match the lining? it wasn't a perfect match either...wallet a little darker.

btw, happy new year!!!
I have the Eva in Lake the same color and line as this Handbag and I bought the madison Embossed Croc Accordain zip wallet to go with it. It is on the website . It doesnt match it perfectily but I like the blue and grey together and the embossed croc matchs the trim on the handbag. I hope this helps! :smile: