Coach Pilot Bag - Medium Signature Carly

  1. I just picked this up a few weeks ago at the 5th Avenue Store in NYC. It's the Coach Signature Carly Bag. They told me it's a pilot bag and that it's limited edition and only a few stores have it right now. My local store loved it and said they wouldn't get it until March! I love it and it's a great every day size. It has just the right amount of hardware for me. There is a large and a small version as well.

  2. beautiful bag :love:

    but i think someone posted the khaki version somewhere here.

    me, i'm waiting for the leather version. :yes: :P
  3. So what are the sizes of these bags and prices, and pretty please more pics! So these will be out in the spring then? Or is it just if they do well? How does the whole pilot thing work?
  4. It's a gorgeous bag!
  5. Wow, that's gorgeous!
  6. I really love the black signature! Could you tell my what you paid? I don't have any black signature bags, this may be the one. Thanks for sharing. It's gorgeous! Congrats
  7. Thanks! I love, love, love this as my everday black bag. I normally lurk around the Gucci section and I wanted to share my new bag here.

    mokey - I'm not sure how the whole pilot thing works. I never got a pilot bag when I worked at Coach. They just told me that it's a pilot bag and not all the stores have it. My local store told me they'd get in in the Spring.

    ms.whitney - I know they had the large leather at the 5th Ave store in NYC. In fact, they gave me that bag by accident. I had to return it and they had to ship me the correct signature bag. The large leather was $398.

    Pursefanatic - This bag was $348. It hurts so much for me to pay retail since I used to work at Coach a few years ago. I do have some friends that still work there but since it's a pilot bag they wouldn't have been able to get it for me anyway.
  8. So...if a person wanted to get ahold of one of these now, how would they go about it???:nuts:
  9. Hmmm.. Well the style # for my bag is 10619 or ask about the Carly bag. Maybe you can call a major Coach store in a city or try the one on 5th Ave in NYC where I got mine. The one I went to had this in khaki sig with white trim, khaki sig and gold trim, black leather and the black sig. Good Luck!
  10. They have them at macy's. They also come with gold, brown and white leather. Cute bag.
  11. Cute.
  12. That is gorgeous! :smile:
  13. So gorgeous! I guess I'll have to wait till spring though.:sad:
  14. Superstar- Wow! They have them at Macy's? I guess it's not as limited as the SA said?
  15. Love the bag. I'm now thinking of holding off getting the shoulder tote in dark brown and getting the carly bag in spring. Does this bag come in dark brown?