Coach Pill Boxes-Outlets?

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  1. Not gonna lie, I love those pill boxes. I got mine "past season" at a coach outlet in orlando a year and a half or two years ago.

    my question is, does anyone know if they are still in outlets? have you seen them there? I see them on ebay, but i am not interested in a counterfeit and i think i only paid $20 or 25 in store for the thing, why would i pay more on ebay?!? unless it is not carried any more. I mean, for a "past season" item, its been around FOREVER!

    thanks girls!:supacool:
  2. HM...haven't noticed since I bought mine if they're still at the outlets...but they're available at boutiques again.
  3. They are usually available at my outlet everytime I go. :yes:
  4. I've seen them at the Lancaster, PA outlet.
  5. I just saw them last weekend at the outlet in San Marcos, Texas. They had black and brown.
  6. I saw them my last trip which was September when on vacation they were $25.00
  7. Ditto! It's one of those things you can almost always find.
  8. great to hear. i have no need to chance a fake of ebay then. (i have one in my hands, and i can't tell if any of the ones online could be counterfeit!)
    thanks for the info.
    anyone here see them at the orlando outlet?
    and OH! i heard from a customer of mine today that an outlet opened at the sawgrass mills mall, can anyone approve or deny?
    thanks girlies!
  9. hi there. called the coach outlet in sawgrass, its all leather goods, they have pills cases for $29. in case i wasn't the onlly one interested. yay! can't wait to report on all the good stuff.
  10. Just curious, but what do you all use/ keep in your pill boxes? I have advil in mine, but what else does everyone use them for?

  11. The outlet here (in Maine) has them too. My mom bought one a couple of weeks ago in black and she only paid twenty something for it. Good luck finding one :yes:
  12. The sawgrass mills one is awesome!! I get most of my stuff from there. :biggrin:
  13. I was just at an outlet in Vegas and in California and both had them.
  14. Tylenol in one and Motrin in the other. I always have headaches :crybaby: Sometimes the third remains empty but usually I'll keep maybe a pain pill or something prescription.
  15. I wanted to get one, but their bigger then I need, I just want a small little pillbox.