Coach pieces 75% off at Dillards

  1. I went to Dillards in Omaha last night and found Coach bags -- none of the new ones yet...

    I'm kicking myself now! They had the fish applique demi bags at 75% off and I didn't buy them! She said they had just marked them down about 1/2 earlier -- looks exactly like this one:

    I did get the all black skinny mini at 25% off! :flowers:

    Anyway, if anybody has a Dillards near them -- check it out. Lots of stuff at 50% off, too!
  2. I will go over there today and check them out!
  3. I will try and head that way today as well! I'll let you ladies know if I find anything. I love it when you guys share, lol :heart:
  4. Ah-no Dillard's stores in NY. POO!

    They also carry Antonio Melani handbags and I love his stuff!
  5. I went to mind, and they just had one poppy tiny pouchette 50% off ... but it was the signature one, not the white. But the one by me sucks. I may drive out to the other mall today if I have time.
  6. omg!
    i wish i had a dillards. i loved the poppy line and would love to get the demi.
  7. I told my mom about it, and she went to two Dillards and said between the two, she spent about $400 on items that were 50% and 75% off. She's sending some items my way but I have to wait until they get here -- she wouldn't tell me what they were. :love: I hope she got me something with the fish on it!
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