Coach Perfume Sample by Mail

  1. I just came home for lunch today and the mailman had been here. I had a lovely littel box from Coach and inside was a nice-sized perfume sample on a chain/clip. Anyone else get one of these lately? I wanted the perfume and now I have some to hold me over until it is out. The packaging was really pretty, too!
  2. Lucky you!! I want a purse one too.
  3. cdpug, congrats! Can you please post pics? I wanna see! :graucho:
  4. Aw! You're one of the lucky ones who got a deluxe sample :smile: I saw the box sample in a picture but that's cute it has a chain. Post pics!
  5. Very cute, I want to see too.
  6. Oh, how cool! Congrats!
  7. that's great! post pics if you can!
  8. How do you get a sample?

    I would love one. I live in Alaska, with no way of smelling a sample!!
  9. do you get a deluxe sample??:confused1:
  10. Coach sent deluxe samples to the companys top customers, I think the number was 30,000.
  11. Thanks, sprinkles!

    That must mean a customer has to spend lots in the retail stores and online?
  12. Waaaaahhhhh!!! I want one!!! :cry::cry::cry:
  13. I received one as well today! It's a very pretty little sample. But I'm sad to say that the perfume reminds me of my Grandma. While I love her to death, we don't have the same taste in perfume. ;)
  14. I want one.......
  15. ARgh!!! I haven't even received a catalog yet!!! :crybaby: I have a bad feeling it may not be on its way, I keep thinking even though I changed my address with them, for some reason all that stuff is probably going to get held up at my old address....

    :cry: I want a perfume sample.....

    In all seriousness though... post pics when you can!! ;)