Coach Perfume Came In Today! Pics!

  1. It's such a pretty bottle and nice smell. I really like it!

  2. ooohh congrats i cannot wait to smell it!! i wish this forum had smell-o-computer or something like that
  3. That would be awesome. You should invent that and you would be a millionare!
  4. yea too bad i did not major in computers in college or that would be awesome!!!
  5. ooh, the bottle on its own makes me want it!
  6. Does it smell nice? I am thinking the bottle is too cute too pass up! How did you get it so early?
  7. The bottle is so cute! Can't wait to smell it.
  8. can you describe a scent, that smells like it?

    im in alaska and have no coach stores near me, nor anyone who sells coach really....
  9. I can not wait intill I can buy some I really want it
  10. Me too! I want it!
  11. I ordered it on Monday from my SA in the boutique along with a couple other things from the new catalog. The other things came in yesterday and I called the boutique about the perfume and she said that JAX was not shipping it out or releasing it to stores until yesterday. I live in FL so it got to me overnight.

    I love the smell. It lasts too, it's not too strong either. It's great! I sprayed it on my hand because I already was wearing something else, and I've washed my hands several times since and can still smell it.
  12. I went to the COACH store,and I didnt see it =(,the bottle is very cute!
  13. Oh i've never seen it yet, but i soo want to see how it smells like.
  14. Oh I so want some but I want to smell it first, I wonder if will send me a sample? No coach stores near me at all!!!
  15. I finally got my bottle yesterday, too...

    The bottle is gorgeous.... ehh, I don't like the way it smells. :shocked:

    Too bad because I also bought the purse spray size.