coach perfume..anyone want one?

  1. i just saw the shapes they'd come in! as sprinkles described, it's a clear bottle with C's in silver over the body, and the top is a white-ish stopper.

    there's a smaller version that i think is a roll on or smaller spray. for the life of me i can't remember exactly even though i just saw it today! lol. i'm thinking it's roll on, and it's like a mascra type style, with signature C's all over it.

    i want that one, and the solid perfume which will be in a container that resembles a hangtag! :nuts:

    my store had a magazine pull out *that you see in fashion magazines with the scent*, i think every store gets one if you want a 'sniff preview' and you can also see the styling of the bottles in the current assortment binder
  2. I will have to ask when I go in to redeem my unrepairable bag letter.
  3. i'm excited to smell you happen to know prices? or did i miss that in sprinkles post?
  4. nope! didn't memorize it. lol. but i think i saw 78, 68 and 42? it's around that range. i think i'm gonna double check sprinkles since i'm not at work and i feel kinda bad...i should know the prices....:sad:
  5. its okay! i was just wanting a ballpark price range.
  6. sux thats theres no coach store near me....i suppose i'm going to have to buy it and hope i like it :shrugs: ah i'm sure i'll like
  7. I like the sound of the roll on and the solid! Sounds cute! I don't have a coach store near me either so will rely on reviews here on TPF! Thanks for the info!
  8. i need to smell it now!! thanks for letting me know where i might be able to smell it. do you know if we could order it now or do we have to wait a bit longer?
  9. I want one. Can't wait to smell it.
  10. I tried it today at the Coach store - it's pretty floral. Kinda reminds me of Stella or one of the Ralph Lauren fragrances.
  11. 68$ is for the big bottle, then I think 42 for purse size and 38 for the solid? I saw it while I was visiting a friend at her store and didn't have time to look too much either!

    The store set up it soooo cute too! I just wish they had prescented samples or something and not 4000 ppl spraying it all day (causing migranes :sad:). At least it doesn't smell horrible!
  12. lol. you probably have it right! :smile:

    theres a rumor.....we're going to get a late xmas present ;)
  13. i am curious now about fragrance.
  14. I saw a bulletin/flyer when I went in to Coach earlier and that bottle is cute!! :love:
  15. the bottle is in the February Shape magazine. When will this be out in stores?