Coach Pebbled Leather

  1. I went to mecca (coach) today planning to get a white leather wristel to match my new bag and I opted for the beige(or tan whatever they call it) Wrislet. They had to order it as they were sold out but the display was simply amazing. I would have bought it but it was dirty. My goodness the pebbled leather is so dang soft and inviting! I wish I had a fricken coat made out of this stuff. Definately my fall bag will be made of this stuff.

    I know I get :love: over anything coach, but this stuff was really :love: :love: :love:

    also the SA told me the Legacy stuff (overpriced) was selling out faster than they could stock it????????

    i wish I had the medium Legacy bag but for $500 i would buy a speedy, but apparently they are flying out the door.
  2. The wristlet I got and the fabric I WILL buy more of.
  3. I love Coach's pebbled leather too. I bought my mother a pebbled duffle last year for her birthday and she loved it. So I of course had to go get several for myself! lol
  4. I was looking at wristlets last night and I love the one you picked! The leather looks magnificent :] I'm glad you :heart: Coach the way you do. I will always :heart: Coach.
  5. I love some of Coach's stuff. Certain lines appeal to me while others just aren't my cup of tea.
  6. P.S. I do love the pebbled leather line though!
  7. Ooh I love their pebbled leather line! It's just such a soft almost buttery kind of leather that you can't help but keep feeling! :love: And I'm glad we have a small section of Coach fans on the forum - Coach may not be considered a "high end designer brand" but I still love their purses! :amuse:
  8. I love it too. They told you not to moisturize it right??? If you do it will blow up like a balloon.
  9. <----This girl can always count on you to share in my obsession:lol:
  10. Are you telling me not to put the Coach condition on it????

    I haven't done the cleaner or conditioner on any of my leather because I have been to busy. But if the conditioner is bad for, honey want to know!
  11. I bought a black pebbled leather shoulder tote a few weeks back, but I'm trying to sell it. I just don't need another black bag!! But it is very nice stuff.
  12. Yes, do not put the conditioner on it and if you get a mark on it ask a s/a how to clean the pebble leather. The leather will lose the pebble and blow up if you use conditioner.
  13. Got it! Thanks :biggrin:
  14. I've put the applegarde conditioner on pebbled leather and haven't lost the pebble texture... apple cleaner is awesome if you get a mark on anything.

    I haven't tried the coach stuff... I heard bad things about it a while ago and never bothered with anything until i bought the apple stuff. lol
  15. I was told this also by a Coach SA at the Desert Hills outlet.

    Their pebbled leather now must be finished differently than it was years ago. I have a black Sonoma flap bag, 12+ years old and I have moisturized the heck out of it since I have had it and it still looks really pebbled. :love:
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