Coach PCE Virgin

  1. So this weekend I went to my first ever Coach PCE and I got the purse and the charm. My boyfriend got the belt. My mom got the shoes in black and the swing pack!!

    I have been looking the site for a few days now and I love it! You guys are sooo cool!
    10580_SVBK-1_d2.jpg 94055_SVMC_d2.jpg 90009_SVMA_d2.jpg 10250_B4BK_d2.jpg Q170_d2.jpg
  2. Congrats on your first PCE purchases - they're great! Also, welcome to tpf! You'll love it here!
  3. Nice choices =)
    Welcome to tpf!
  4. Great purchases! I'm new to this forum too. Welcome!
  5. I love the skull charm! it will look so good on the purse you bought.
    Charms seem to be my new obsession. I bought my very first one on a trip a few weeks ago and I keep moving it from bag to bag. I can't wait to get more.
    I'm new to tpf too! Welcome!
  6. Great purchases! The skull charm will be perfect for your new bag. Congrats, and welcome to tPF!
  7. Yeah I am really love the skull charm!! The SA at the store I went to helped me get the wallet I got in Jan , Soho Leather, which totally matches, was just the sweetest thing! Love her!!

    Thanks for the welcome!

    You guys are AWESOME!! :smile:
  8. Great purchases!!!

    And, of course welcome to TPF!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Great choices!

    It was my first PCE event too this past week! it was so much fun and i never would have known about it without tpF.

    thanks to all :heart:
  10. What exactly does PCE stand for ? I've seen this acronym all over the place, but no one explains it.
  11. Preferred Customer Event - do a search, it's everywhere, also in the Coach FAQ's.
  12. Wow! Great stuff! :biggrin:
  13. Beautiful choices! Welcome to tPF
  14. Great purchases! Love the shoes!
  15. Congrats on your purchases and welcome to tpf