Coach PCE is evil!

  1. I am supposed to be on a self-imposed BAN since ordering the vintage leather large Ergo on Friday which was NOT included in the PCE. But I could not, in good conscience, NOT buy something knowing I had this great discount! So today I ordered the LE patent coin purse in emerald AND the new handbag scarf! They should be in on Thursday or Friday. :yahoo:


  2. I love that coin purse, but I thought the emerald & the red were sold out. Congrats on getting one!
  3. Kill me that scarf is so cute!!! :smile:
  4. The emerald coin purse is sold out online. My SA was very kind and hunted one down in another store. He said he only found TWO out there! So hopefully it comes in!
  5. That coin purse is adorable! Congratulations!!
  6. Gorgeous choices!!

    And yes, PCE is evil.... (Let's pray DH doesn't find out how often they happen...)
  7. oh but that coin purse is worth breaking your ban for imo! (:
  8. I soooo wanted the RED Patent Coin purse...and have tried daily to get it with no luck...I love your EMERALD one....too Cool!
  9. i broke my ban too just for PCE, i know how you feel!
  10. I fudged my ban; no handbags but I did get the patent coin purse in mahogany and the folding legacy stripe umbrella. I hope that's enough to get PCE again next time but if not, oh well. I have to cut the cord sometime I suppose!
  11. I concur with the title of this thread!!! I was so tempted to go today, just to see if there was anything I MIGHT want. I was looking at everyone's pictures of their purchases and I kept thinking oh I want that and that and that! But none of which I need. Yes, PCE is evil. I spent way too much.
  12. both are gorgeous!! :yahoo:
  13. Gorgeous purchases! I love the green of the two. My bank account's lucky I didn't get a card...
  14. pardon my ignorance, what is PCE?
  15. PREFERRED CUSTOMER EVENT. do some searches about it u will find a lot :yes: