Coach patent mini skinny

  1. Hi, i was wondering if anyone has the Coach patent mini skinny. Do you like it, is is worth getting? Just trying to make some decisions. :confused1:
  2. i think a few people here have it.
    personally, i don't like it. they have SO many cute mini skinnies right now that the patent seems plain.l
  3. I agree with Kallison, Im not very fond of them, since they are so plain! But if anything, the blue color is to die for!
  4. I ordered one and I returned it, its too plain for my taste and not worth 38, I LOVE the beaded skinny though.
  5. Thanks for your opinions. Now i am thinking it may be too plain for me and not worth it. I love the beaded ones too.
  6. I'm going to get the blue patent skinny (as soon as I can get over this cold and get out of the house!!) I love that it's patent and the blue is close to the Tiffany's blue - is so classy to me!
  7. It's cutebut I have sooo many other Coach stuff on my list that I want before that!
  8. Somebody sell me on the mini skinny. I'm not sure what the purpose of it is, lol. Change? It looks... very mini ;)
  9. change. credit cards. nano.
    it's one of those great little things, like a wristlet, that you can take when you don't need to be carrying a bag or don't have a reason to.
  10. i never thought of that! lol. but i think tiffany's is more of a green-blue color. hehe.

    i :heart: :heart: tiffany's! totally off topic.

    but i actually like the mahogany on b/c of the color inside, however, the beaded one is cute as well.
  11. Oooh, yeah like for a bar. I was an idiot and took my hobo into a bar. In my defense it was 8 am (heheh Perdue homecoming tradition) and I wasn't thinking yet. There was uh, something dripping off the ceiling on us the whole time. Ew. And then my psycho ex ended up burning me and it with a cig (It wasn't even in his hand... no idea how that happened.)
  12. the wristlets are great for bars because you can clip them to your belt loops so you don't lose them when you're totally trashed. (says the voice of experience...hehe).
    i would NEVER take my purse to a bar. i'm a careless drunk.
  13. Ms Whitney - yeah, it's not exactly Tiffany color, but for some reason reminds me of it, so I like it...:yes:
  14. I have the blue patent one & love it, I bought it to go w/ my black hamptons hobo b/c the blue matched perfectly w/ one of the Coach hang tags on it.