coach patent leather tote's smell

  1. sorry to bug here again...just want to know is coach patent leather carry leather " fragrance" smell.

    As we know, genuine leather will release its natural's smell...just wonder is coach patent leather have the same smell too ..........need to know it urgently.........please help.....Million thanks
  2. When I got mine, it left no smell at all like leather would, i also have a minny skinny in patent leather that i bought at macys and that doesnt leave a smell either. Does yours:confused1:

    Anyone else have one that does or doesn't?
  3. I have a COACH Red Patent Ergo Hobo from last year, and it never had a scent.
  4. Hello, I just got the pond patent leather tote and have a ruby wristlet as well. the wristlet I lost this week and luckily I replaced it with a few left in Jax. It does not smell, but the tote smells like plastic. I do not like that. I am not sure I am keeping it for $400.00. I am getting very disappointed with the floorsets as of late. I got the ergo in pebble as well, and although it is very cute indeed with a pink/siggie scarf, they just do not thrill me as the floorselts did long ago when they were only two a year. Even my SA said, what in the world is going on here lately with this deisgner? Very disappointed in the new things. Styles are just tweaked a bit, nothing wonderful it seems, but then maybe it is only me that feels that way because I bought so much this year. Anyone agree?
  5. thanks u gals for all your replies..well, I was intended to get 1 but din't...but i am sure I will get 1 patent leather tote one day..:yes:

    but I still prefer prebbled is scratch proof and it smells good too...yiks..i just love the way leather and books smell...haha...weird huh...:shame:
  6. Yup...I prefer gallery tote back in season 2006...
  7. I agree...:sad: I want to LOVE something new, I really do but the past 3-4 new floorsets have been disappointing. I've been carrying my same chocolate shoulder flap since Nov. 1.. I'm so ready for a new bag but I won't buy something unless I'm COMPLETELY in love with it. I can't just settle. So..for now.....its just me and my shoulder flap! ;) I'm really hoping for a ":drool:" floorset in March. I hope there will be new Legacy pieces I will :heart:.