Coach Patent Leather Gallery Tote.....

  1. I found this in Mahogany at the San Marcos Outlet yesterday. I really love it, but I'm wondering, will I be able to use this come Spring? Or can I only use it for the next couple of months?
  2. Can you post a pic?
  3. Let's see if this works....

  4. Yes! I love that bag; I almost bought it in off white.
  5. They had it in the off white also. Maybe I should have bought that one too? It would probably transition better into Spring.
  6. I see no reason not to use it in the spring. Its a great looking bag!
  7. That's a nice bag -- love the color.
    I say use it all year round! May I ask how much you paid for it?
    Thanks so much! :smile:
  8. It was $144, really a good price.
  9. Thanks, juniormint, an excellent price! :smile:
  10. That's a really pretty bag! Great price too!
  11. how come EVERYBODY else who got that bag got it for $144 and i paid $179?! grrr...
  12. Probably because they had it for an extra 20% off this past weekend, which is when I bought mine (yay!). It was marked $179 in red, and then the extra clearance discount made it $144. I love this bag so much, and nearly bought it full price back when it was still in the store, but just couldn't handle paying retail for it ($319 if I recall correctly).
  13. That bag is BEAUTIFUL!! I was at the Wrentham MA outlets today and there were none left, I watched as a woman came in -- and a SA went in the back to bring her the last one they had been holding...instantly like 5 people gathered round asking "any more of those??"....all gone. They did have a bunch of matching writstlets though - I say get it - it absolutely can be used year round!
  14. Ya'll have talked me into keeping it. Also, I've found that if you are looking for something specific and they don't have it on the floor, ask the SA's if there are any in the back. Last time I went I asked if they had any scarf print umbrellas left and a very nice SA went in the back and found me one in the blue scarf print. They also had some in the pink/red combo also.
  15. The back is where I got my mahogany patent gallery tote. I was in line to buy the cream one, even though I didn't like it as well, because it was the only one on the floor. Then one of the SAs who recognized me said "we've got the brown one in the back if you're interested" -- sweet! The lady behind me wanted to know why the SA did that for me and I said "I come in here a LOT!" Heh.