COACH Patent Leather Collection??

  1. what colors will all be in this collection and what styles etc?? I am eyeing one rite now on eBay it says they arent out yet when do they offcially come out???

    NWT Authentic COACH Patent Leather POND ERGO Tote 11012


  2. It's out!!! Well available to order. Just call Coach!
  3. you can go to your local coach boutique and order one! i did yesterday and mine is on its way!
  4. its soo cute.. I wonder what matching wallet they will have
  5. do they have it in purple
  6. IDK thats a good question that would be a cute idea or pink..
  7. not in the ergo, but from what I read in another thread, there will be the francine in patent purple :graucho:
  8. what is a francine?
  9. I want to know toooooo !!! hehe
  10. Just a heads up ladies....the patent tote and hobo in the pond is no longer available. It was pulled due to a quality issue.
  11. I have francine sunnies.. but that's not so hot in patent leather. :smile: Wonder why they'd name a bag and that the same?

    There's a Madeline sunny too, I think (on the site now).

    Bag news about quality! I loooove that pond hobo people that was posted!!!

  12. From where and whom did you receive this info. from?
  13. :nuts:Don't tell Mommyville! She's on a purple high!:upsidedown:

  14. I work for the company :yes:
  15. Well, I got the catalog today and the patent hobo and tote come in pond and brown. With matching wallets.

    Recalled? Hmmm...