Coach Patent Leather Care


Jun 14, 2008
Most Everyone's Mad Here
Ok, I am sorry if this has been posted anywhere else. I checked and couldn't find anything... my question is

How do you care for Coach patent leather? I have purchased the large Patent Zoe and a Bleecker French Wallet and am wondering what I need to do in order to care for these pieces.

I know not to leave them in extreme heat or cold or in direct sunlight, and to dry them immediately if they get wet, but is there anything else I need to do? Or any tips of how to keep them looking new?? Thanks!


Jul 9, 2007
Not really much to do w/ patent leather as it's a plastic coated leather so it's pretty durable - if you spill something on it, wipe if off right away and wipe off w/ damp cloth (don't use any cleaners) and it should be fine. Color transfer will happen with patent leather though so don't store it next to anything without it being in it's dustbag and Coach probably gave you a white dustbag if you bought it recently - if it's an older bag you might want to store it in something light colored if you only have the brown bag.