Coach Patent Collars..

  1. my poor little westie has a pinkish ring around his neck from his red collar from petsmart. i just ordered a black patent one from coach, the one for 42 dollars, sicne its patent do you think it will still rub onto his fur?
  2. Oh no! I hope not! Coach bags seem to be pretty colorfast. The only one I've ever seen rub off was the Pony satchel a friend recently bought. It turned the side of her white tshirt pink!
    That said, if you're really worried you should call Coach, they might know for sure. But, my gut says a black patent collar shouldn't rub off.
    Post pics of him in the collar when you get it!
  3. Awww, it sounds like he will be adorable with it! :biggrin: I've never had any of my patent stuff rub off on me, so he should be fine. Also, I think the underside is regular leather?
  4. i will!! im not sure actually what the undersiding is, he is a westie, on the smaller size, ive seen grown females larger then he is, so naturally i asked to order a medium, but they didnt have any, so i ordered the small to see the fit. are coach collars really tiny? should i opt for the large or not at all?
  5. You shouldnt have any problem with the black patent leather. I have never had color transfer on either of my boys - they both have white fur on their necks. A small should work just fine for you - probably on the largest setting - which IMHO looks best.