Coach patchwork tote

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. Is this one of the ridiculously overpriced coaches, or more on the reasonable end? Just saw it on a girl in the city today and it was so cool and colorful :love:
  2. photo? there are a few patchworks.
  3. I think it was similar to this one but the patchwork may have been slightly different:

  4. Not sure of the price on the multi-patchwork tote in the pic, but the brown patchwork gallery tote with four panels (patent, suede, signature and metallic) retailed for $400 this past fall.
  5. Yes, that's the one. I saw it at the Coach store and Macy's for $400. Then after Thanksgiving it was gone in my area. Which style do you like better?
  6. I have the 4 panel one so I like it better. I just found a new one on E-Bay for you at $309.00 BIN
  7. I too have this one and love it! It's different enough that I always
    get compliments. I would be careful on eBay - my Sales Associate told me that alot of them are fake. Good luck!
  8. check this one out. I don't think it's fake. I compared it to mine and it looks like the real thing. item #6854697716
    ask to see more photos to be sure.
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