Coach Paparazzi

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  1. We all have, at one time or another, snapped some great pictures of our great bags. Sometimes a picture of a beautiful Coach bag caught in the right light at the right angle is enough to make one :drool:. Any way you slice it, our Coach beauties love the camera and we love to photograph them.

    What camera do you use to capture the beauty of your bags?
  2. Um, my Canon point and shoot. Nothing special. I should use my husbands fancy camera but I'm skeered of it. LOL
  3. Nothing special here either. Point and shoot Olympus.
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  5. i just use my boyfriends sony digital camera. im not into technology gadgets so have no clue of any other details!:biggrin:
  6. I use Sony Cyber-Shot.. nothing fancy right now
  7. I just have a small hot pink Fuji, it doesn't take the greatest pics but it serves the purpose, and it's small so it's easy to carry with me.
  8. I use a Nikon D60 DSLR Camera for most of my Coach Paparazzi shots.

  9. RilCruz-- your pictures are always so beautiful and professional looking. What lens do you use?
  10. The bottom of my new cam says Fujifilm FinePix S2700HD. I got tired of my little Nikon and its finickyness. This new cam has intelligent flash, so it takes good pics in ANY light.

    One day, I hope to have one of those fancy cams that takes "magazine worthy" pics. LOL!
  11. Nothing fancy here either (and it shows in my pic's!) Hubby bought me a Sony Cyber-shot a few years ago for's REALLY time to upgrade atleast to something with better optical zoom and a higher megapixel count!!! I'm 6 mega w/ 3X's optical the time that was OK now it's an antique!!!!
  12. My few-years-old Canon A570 with 7MP and 4x optical zoom. I like to fiddle with the manual settings, aperture priority and shutter priority but it has nowhere near the control of an SLR. I'm looking to step up to a DSLR one of these days...
  13. Thank you 4vryng for the kind compliments!

    You take some awesome shots as well. :tup:

    I'm definitely not a professional..just started taking tons of pics of my Coach lovelies not too long ago just for fun.

    I usually use the Nikon/Nikkor AF-S 18-55mm VR lens.
  14. A Blackberry Bold 9700 .... because it's always with me :P or a Canon P&S
  15. I'm a Nikon D60 from my husband! I love it!

    <---Maggie (my cat pic) is with my Kodak Easy Share...I loved this camera for its small size and videos of the girls. :smile: