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  1. What the heck happened over on the Coach page, I haven't to the forums for several weeks now, today I came on and the Coach forum is closed. Anyone know what happened ?:confused1:
  2. lots of drama and fighting and it was time for a cool down

    we needed it over there
  3. I was on the Coach page last night and really didn't see anything...:confused1:
  4. Its unfortunate, but this is what happens when you get a group of women together, whether it be in person or in cyber space!

    Hopefully everyone will play nice when its back.:tup:
  5. ITA, Court. I thought the Coach group was pretty down to earth most of the time but ah well, so it goes.
  6. I agree a cool down was needed it was getting nasty over there!
  7. i was just on a few hours ago...did I miss something? how long does this last?
  8. i leave for two hours and i come back to this?! not to be nosey, but what's up?
  9. people werre fighting over various things such as customer service, ROAK, PCE, and other things. it was all really ridiculous drama, but that forum did indeed need a cooldown.
  10. I posted above, but maybe the Dooney Forum shouldnt be the place to discuss the Coach drama?:confused1:
  11. Wow. I haven't been on since this this something besides the drama that's been going on for the past couple of days, or same ol' same ol'?

    I miss the forum. I hope the time-out for us naughty Coach girls is over soon, and we can come out of the corner! :biggrin: Think I'll go pet my bags while I'm waiting.
  12. this topic needs to not be discussed any more

    megs made it very clear that we were not supposed to discuss coach at all on any board.

    there was drama and fighting and stupidness, we needed the time out, end of story

    back to Dooney which is what this board is meant to be
  13. sorry, not appropriate considering we're trying to minimize the drama ;)
    not to mention completely irrelevent to D&B.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.