Coach outside of the USA?

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  1. I've always been curious about this... I thought I'd asked but I can't find the post so I think I'd just "thought about asking".

    Are any of you ladies from outside of the US? Seems like a lot of the other forums (gucci, burberry, dior) are from abroad (for me!) and I'm not sure about coach. My family is from Sweden and they're not at all into coach, so I was wondering if it was more like an American or North American thing...

    SOOOO... In short:

    How popular is coach outside of the US? Are there botiques? :shrugs:
  2. I don't think it's that popular outside of the U.S., only because I think Coach is an North American's love affair.

    BUT, I can tell you when I was watching one of my Japanese soaps, I saw one of the popular actress carrying a Coach bag in the TV series. It was awesome. hahaha.

    Also, I know when I go to the outlets, I saw a large number of Korean and Japanese tourists buy Coach bags, too. So I'm guessing they're getting popular in those countries.

    The website has it in English and Japanese, so my best guess there are stores only in the U.S. and Japan.
  3. Coach is popular in the Asian market. They also get alot of stuff that doesn't make it to our stores.
  4. The Japan website does get some lovely stuff that the US doesn't see on the website/in stores. I wonder why that is?
  5. You're right, come to think of it, about the outlet thing... I see LOTS of asians when I go... usually carrying a wonderful coach bag, too... good taste! :smile:

    Not popular in Europe, then? Bummer... BUT good to know... I'll bring my Dior and Gucci when I go (ok, admittedly I only have ONE dior and ONE gucci, but still)... And I have to bring my coach soho because it's gorgeous... MAN I pack too many bags...
  6. Other brands has done the same thing. Like with other brands (Gucci, LV, or Burberry), they have different products available (in each country) as exclusive. I'm not surprised Coach did something like that, too. If you can order it through JAX, considered it lucky. hahaha.

  7. This is definitely true. I always get a lot of interest and questions from Asians when I sell Coach on Ebay. They tend to get some of the trendy brighter items that we don't get. I bought a used Asian exclusive bag about a year ago that's absolutely TDF... someone's husband was over there for a while and brought it back for his wife. I was told Coach is very hot there, and I love some of the bags and accessories that I see on the Japan site.
  8. It kinda goes along the line of the American brand appeal, like with Polo, Tommy, Nautica, etc. All mentioned are big in Asian countries but not so much everywhere else.
  9. I am from the UK. I have only seen 2 other coach sightings over here, which is probably as there are no boutiques or outlets of coach or anywhere that sells coach here. The internet is pretty much the only source of coach, hence the fact it is so rare to have european fans. LV, balenciaga, juicy couture, chanel etc have boutiques over here hence the fact there are a lot more british on those forums :smile: I wish they did have coach boutiques over here!!!
  10. Not popular here, but there are no where to get them either. However, people managed to get LV and chanel when it was not available here, so I imagine it's not as famous / sought after as those brands.
  11. coach is pretty popular in Canada but nothing like in the us. dont have many stores or any outlets here. much more popular in rng canada then in québec too.
  12. Now that you ladies have mentioned it, when my husband and I were in London I didn't see anyone with any Coach. I assumed that I just wasn't running into anyone with a Coach bag, but evidently it was because Coach isn't sold there, so it isn't carried by most Brits.