Coach outlets!

  1. Hey everyone! I'm going to Seattle this weekend! how does the outlets look? :biggrin:
  2. Tons of legacy at the Tulalip outlet. My SA called me today to tell me they had tons of Alis in white, black, whiskey, natural. Legacy Satchels in Pond, Natural, Vachetta, Whiskey. Demis in black, whiskey and rose. Mandys in whiskey and white. Shoulder bags in all colours. Also tons of signature legacy. Apparently they just received their shipment last night. They are all 20% off the clearance price.

    I already went to Burlington last Saturday and snagged a white Ali and a whiskey Mandy. I am now trying to control myself from driving 2 1/2 hours to get the Pond Legacy Satchel. It is on hold for me but I am trying to restrain myself.
  3. OH WOW!! You're in Vancouver too! We should do a Coach run sometime!:biggrin:

    Did they have any Carly's there? I want to buy great gift but still be cost friendly.
  4. They have the Carly pouches in all black and in khaki with dark brown trim.
  5. YAY! I am totally in for a Coach run!
  6. These are the Carlys that they had at the Burlington outlet as of last Saturday. Good luck and let us know what you find!
  7. They have ROSE!!! OMG!! You have totally given me hope that my outlet may get some rose colored legacy bags!! thank you thank you! :yahoo::cutesy:
  8. Go Pinkie Go!!! Your rose awaits!!:yahoo::tup:
  9. How far away from the Couve is Tulalip? I'm tired of the Lincoln City outlet :-/
  10. hehehehe.. i know i know ranskimmie! I'm super excited!! :love::cutesy:
  11. Oh..I think you are probably referring to Vancouver, Washington, right? I am from Vancouver, BC. The Tulalip outlets are about 30 minutes north of Seattle.
  12. Tulalip is probably 45-1hr north of Seattle. I don't know where Couve is?:girlsigh: