Coach outlets

  1. Who's been to one?

    I LOVE coach, have since I was 12 LOL. However my checkbook does not love their prices hahaha. The one coach I have I bought froma reputable seller on eBay who buys from the coach factory near here.

    I figured I'd cut out the middle man and just hit one up myself (the nearest one is about 3hrs away). I've called them before and they said they generally get things 6mos-1yr after they come out (they didn't have any sig C ergo's though) or if someone returns something.

    Is the savings really that much? She said it's at least 50% I think but I thought I'd ask actually consumers lol. Is there usually a variety of product or is it slim pickens lol.
  2. From reading the posts of others, it all depends on the outlet... and that some outlets don't carry signature items. Our outlet here in Hawaii is always wonderful and has great selection every single time I go (which is very often). I would've gone this past weekend but I put extra money into my Roth instead. *lol*