Coach Outlets

  1. Is the selection at the outlets usually good? What about the prices? The closest one to me is about 3 hours away and I was planning to go tomorrow to check it out, but want to make sure it's worth it.

    I've heard mixed reviews :smile:
  2. It just depends....there have been times where I have literally wanted everything in the store and then there were other times where I couldn't find anything I liked. I just love to go and browse. I think you should go check it out and have fun!
  3. Thanks a bunch! I figured that is how it usually is. I had sooo many Coach bags and sold them all to help fund my wedding and am looking to replenish my addiction, lol. But I've never actually been to an outlet, so this should be interesting!
  4. My Coach outlet is two minutes from my parents house in Waikele. Hehe. And it's about 20-25 minutes away from where I live so it's not bad if I go there and find nothing to buy... but the Waikele outlet is always great. Every time I go, there's something I wanna buy whether it be a bag, keyfob, wristlet, other accessory... Want, want, want!! I'll be going back again this Sunday, and I guess I'll stop by to see my parents too. *lol*
  5. The outlets can definitely be hit or miss. I've also found that some are larger than others and have a better selection. I just went to two different ones this week, and one was WAY better, had a much larger selection, nicer outlet lines (not just mini-sig), and more store transfers than the others. The SAs there were also much more friendly.
  6. I've only been to an outlet once and I wasn't that impressed, but I've had friends who have found awesome deals on cute bags. You just never know.