Coach outlets?

  1. Hello all!

    I'm gonna be in San Diego for 2 weeks, and went to Carlsbad's outlet yesterday and was SORELY disappointed. :crybaby:

    Any other outlets that I should try? Like Desert Hills or...?

    Do help!! I want my coach so badly! :heart::heart:
  2. WOW - depends on how far you want to drive. Camarillo and Desert Hills are each about a good two hours from SD.
  3. Yep--Carlsbad had good stuff June 28th-July 5th. It was slim pickings after that.

    Though I haven't been, I'm told that there is a COACH outlet at the Las Americas outlets in South San Diego county, close to the border.
  4. I think this just must be a bad time for outlets... there doesn't seem to be a great selection in any of them.
    btw, there is a thread all about outlets in the shopping sub-forum, you will find a ton of info there. :smile:
  5. The Carlsbad outlet is the one I used to work for. Compared to the Las Americas one it's TONS better. It's clearance section is much larger.

    There is the Las Americas one in San Ysidro, by the border (like already mentioned) but it's a pretty standard outlet. Not a signature one.