Coach Outlets

  1. Do Coach Outlet stores ever have sunglasses? Thanks! :yes:
  2. Yes, but only some outlets have them.
  3. Never seen any personally. I wonder how some get them.
  4. Never seen any at any outlets... :tdown: I have been wanting a pair of coach sunglasses...

    NatalieTwo--- my name is also natalie
  5. Two Natalies. Sorry, I couldn't resist.
  6. I think I've seen them there, I will check again next time.
  7. I picked up a pair of Bleekers at the outlet in Lee, MA back in the spring. Seems as if there are very few outlets that carry them. I think the outlet in Edinburg, IN carried them when I stopped in on a road trip from Boston to Chicago!
  8. The San Marcos outlet carries them, along with watches.
  9. I bought my Allies in Tortoise there a few months ago for $63!

    Yesterday, there were 3 pairs behind the counter!
  10. kat you always find all the good deals..i think i'm gonna come live with you!!!:tup:
  11. I've seen them before.
  12. My outlets that I go to (Hagerstown and Hershey) don't have sunglasses. Do they usually have the sunglasses displayed?? or do you have to ask. I would love a pair of white sunglasses!
  13. I have never seen any at the outlets. The ones I frequent told me they do not carry sunglasses, jewelry, or watches! :sad:
  14. I think the Camarillo store is getting a bunch this week - they had a few styles last weekend and also carried a few watches.

    I'll be there Friday and can let you know if I see any.
  15. Thanks all =) I have never seen sunglasses at the outlet I live by but my friend said she got her pair of Samantha's at an outlet for $120 :amazed: so I was curious