coach outlets never been, i need some info

  1. so ive never been to a coach outlet, i was just wondering what do they have? d they have the newest line, what are they about, how are the prices?
  2. No, they don't have newer bags. They have older bags and the prices can be ok on some items (cheaper).
  3. From what I remember the prices are usually discounted by 20% and they are definetly the older and discontinued styles. However that can be a very good thing.
  4. At my outlet they had the spring patchwork line already there. I was was 30% off.
  5. They do have some lines that are strictly made for outlets and some outlets have bags that they are testing to see if it would sell or not.
  6. if it is a signature item the discount is not much. I went to 2 outlets and the discount wasn't enough to make a HUGE difference IMO. I mean $40 discount on a $200 bag isn't a 'OMG great deal' (just me personally). I get much better 50%+ off deals at ebay, tjmaxx, and macy's. BUT, some outlets have more of a discount running during certain times of the year.
    At the outlets sometimes you win with small stain items. I got a coach signature wallet for $40 because it had a stain inside it (the size of an eraser on a pencil), while the ones without stains were still well over 3 times the price I paid.

    However, nonsignature can be REALLY discounted. :heart:
  7. Coach Factory Store is what they are called not outlet as so many call them. They sell Coach from 6-12 mos behind the current season. Once in a great while they will get something from the current season in that is in some way not perfect usually has a small hidden flaw. The prices are usually around 40% off every once in a great while I can snag a blow out sell and pick up purses on final markdown for $50 and wallets for $30. A quick internet search can find you outlet malls which may be in your area. If you are looking for a particular style or just want to know what they have in new they are always very nice to talk to. Hope that helps!
  8. I live near two Coach Outlets. The closest Coach Store to me is 4 hours away. It is definitely hit or miss when you go there. Usually, older styles. If you like classic and timeless pieces, you shouldn't have a problem because they will pretty much have something you like. They usually have an on sale section in the store.

    You do have to examine the bag very carefully. Somtimes, the pulls on the zippers are missing or the Coach tag is missing. You don't always get a dustbag either. If they're not real crowded, they seem more willing to work with you and help you out.

    Also, the SA's are much nicer than in the Coach Stores, JMO.