Coach outlets in Texas?

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  1. Hello ladies,
    My husband will be traveling out to Texas for work & will be in "waxahatchie tx" I am considering sending him to a coach outlet, to see if he can score a deleted bag, for me. Is there a coach outlet near by? One that you guys can recommend?
  2. I live in San Antonio and I looked online and see this is in the Dallas area. When my daughter lived in Dallas, she would go to the Coach Outlet in Allen Texas. I hope this helps.
  3. There are Coach outlets located in Allen, Grand Praire and Grapevine ( Grapevine Mills).
  4. That is closest to the Grand Prairie location but not really all that close to it...

  5. He will be going on his work weekend down to Dallas "Allen and grand praire" before he comes back! It's 45 mins away, not bad since the company is paying car mileage and gas! Lol I hope he can score me some goodies!!
  6. I just visited the Allen outlet on Monday and they had lots of deletes.
  7. I've never been to the Grand Prairie outlet, but in my experience Allen usually has a better selection of deletes than Grapevine. And it's a nicer shopping experience, and easier parking.
  8. Did your husband get you some goodies? I hope so .

  9. No, not yet.. He's working 60-70 hours a week so, he has not had time to drive from ennis to Dallas. When he does I'll for sure share the finds!! Any good deals? I've heard outlets do things like 50% plus additional 10-30% discounts !!
  10. They do extra discounts its random I think clearance is good if they have something in there you want .I got a purple Harper in the clearance section real cheap.

  11. I totally agree.