Coach outlets in Orlando !!

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  1. hi there .. i remember seeing a thread about this .. but did not take the info down and when i do a search it comes up empty... i can't use search for the life of me !
    anyways .. i just found out my neighbor is going to WDW in florida for vacation .. doing the disney thing !!
    Can you tell me where the closest coach outlets are around disney ....
    and the best way to get there ??
    i am trying to convince her go ......
    or if there is already a thread about this .. if you can provide link and i will read up on that !
  2. See thread here:

    There are two -- Premium and Prime. Premium is right by Disney off of I-4 exit 68. Prime is closer to downtown Orlando by the Mall at Millenia (exit 78) or by International Drive (exit 72) -- it depends whether you're going east or west to see which route is closer.

    There are buses that go to Premium from Disney or you can take a cab.
  3. many many thanks.. i knew the answers were here to be found