Coach Outlets in MD??

  1. Hi...I'm CLEVERMISS, and I'm new here. I navigated here attempting to find someone who might know the locations of the coach outlets here in Maryland....I want to find one close to me...I am not far from the PA line in YORK, PA. any help will be appreciated....

  2. All I know is the Hagerstown, MD.
  3. I believe Lancaster, PA has an outlet but there is definitely one in Hagerstown, MD. Or Rehoboth, DE or Leesburg, VA. Good luck!!
  4. Hagerstown is the one to go to. It's got a lot of great items. The next one would be in VA I believe (if your planning on going south).
  5. Go on to see where ALL of them are. Based on all the ones I've been too I'd say Hagerstown is best...but I've not checked out Reading, PA or the new one in Hershey, PA yet.
  6. I went to Hershey today -- it was not that great at all. :sad: Service was lacking, no clearance area (love that extra 20%!) and really not a lot of merchandise at all.
  7. Its only been open a couple of that could be part of it....
  8. Anyone here going to midnight madness at Hagerstown? I am. And I hate outlets.
  9. Nope...I'm in Chi-town for the holiday with mom...and her outlet isn't opening at midnight... I can't believe you are going! Although to go to the coach outlet...your best bet is to be there right at opening...I wouldn't want to show up at Hagerstown later that day!!!!
  10. My mother just came up with this idea today. So we'll be leaving out around 11pm to get there. She's not really looking for Coach, but I will be just checking in to see what's there.
  11. Enjoy! My mom just asked me if I wanted to drive up to the new outlet at Pleasant Praire, WI...since thats the closest one to us thats opening at midnight.... she doesn't seem to get that I'm trying not to BUY stuff right now!
  12. We're leaving for the midnight one too in Hagerstown! Maybe we'll see you there!
  13. Queenstown, MD (Rt. 50)
    Hagerstown , MD