Coach outlets close to Miami?

  1. Does anyone know the closest outlet to Miami, FL?
  2. The two closest are the one in Dolphin Mall or the one at Sawgrass Mills Mall...

    The one at dolphin is fairly new (like 4 months) and it usually just has factory exclusive stuff the one at sawgrass is better but it is in Broward.
  3. Is Dophin Mall or Sawgrass Mills Mall near Naranja? My hubby is spending 2 weeks in Naranja with his aunt & uncle and I'm trying to convince him to get me something at one of those outlets. (Only if it's close by)
  4. ohhh i want to know too-we just booked a cruise that leaves from miami! are either of them great?? (ie- great enough to pay for a cab to get there from the port of miami?)
  5. The only other coach outlets which i have been to are the ones in Orlando and I would have to say that those (the orlando ones) are so much better than the ones we have here. I asked an SA at the Dolphin outlet the other dya if they were a signature outlet and she said no. In my opinion they are not worth taking a taxi... from the port of miami to dolphin mall it would probably be about a 20 min drive (without traffic). I wouldnt do it... the one in dolphin mall is about 6 months old and I have heard that it is common for outlets to not be so great when they open. I heard it takes time for them to get better stuff. The other outlet at sawgrass mall is better but it is really far from port of miami.
  6. Thanks so much kenia!!!
  7. Another place to check out if you're really interested bargain shopping and this is VERY VERY VERY hit or miss and can be a VERY interesting shopping trip. There is a Nordstrom's Last Call in the Mall of America's off of 826. They get Nordstrom's returns. My girlfriend has gotten Juicy, Kate Spade, Coach, and some other brands there. The max price for bags is I believe $80.

    I have only been once and I was too skeeved out to go back. I'd rather pay full price than dig through other peoples used bags.
  8. Well, we went to Sawgrass Mills. We were staying in South Beach and it took about 45 minutes or so to get there. It was great! I found the mini skinny that I had been wanting for like a year! I also really liked the Nordstrom Rack, they had lots of COACH sunnies. I ended up getting a pair of Gucci, I already have two pairs of COACH. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory there...yum... My son had a great time at Nike, as well. All in all, a great trip.
  9. Im glad you had a good time. That whole outside area of the mall, where the coach outlet is, is new and very nice. Sawgrass is definitely better than Dolphin Mall. I went to sawgrass this weekend and got the large framed legacy striped cosmetic case for $80!