Coach Outlets and the Bullet

  1. This weekend I was in a CO and asked a SA about the bullet or target imprint that is on the inside on the stitched label. She said that it indicates an item that was purchased at an outlet so that unethical customers can't buy it at outlet prices and try to exchange/refund at full retail. I asked when does the bullet get put on and she said in the back of outlets or at the factory. Can anyone verify this?:confused1:
  2. Yes I believe the SAs at the outlets stamp the bullseye/target mark before it goes on the floor for sale. Sometimes SAs forget to stamp the creed. I don't work for Coach so I'm not 100% sure but we used to have a SA on this forum that worked at an outlet & I think that's what she said.
  3. sounds about right to me...
  4. Yep, when items are outlet only and sent from factory- the bullet is done there. When the items are transferred from store to factory they are done there, it's one of the reasons I want to work at an outlet (but never would!) haha.