COACH OUTLETS! All you ever wanted to know & more!!

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  1. Hi ladies! I know we get a TON of questions about Coach outlets so I figured it'd be easier if we just posted all the info on one thread. Please feel free to add on to it with all of your all's tips, tricks, & advice!!

    They're great for picking up fabulous Coach bags for great prices!! Here are some FAQs about outlets:

    Q: Where are Coach outlets?
    A: Check on Outlet Bound - Online Guide To Factory Outlet Stores & Outlet Centers to locate the coach outlet nearest you!

    Q: Do you know if a Coach outlet carries _____?
    A: The easiest answer to this question is to call the Coach outlet you plan on visiting (you can find the number for the store at Outlet Bound). Tell them the name or style number of the bag and they will be able to tell you if they have it in stock or if they will be getting any of it in the future. You can also have them hold an item for two days or alternatively if your item is not in stock you can put your name on a list and have them contact you if the bag ever comes in. Outlet stock varies GREATLY from store to store so honestly nobody other than an SA can tell you if a purse is at or will be at the outlet you plan on visiting. Merchandise changes hourly at some stores so you never know!

    Q: Do outlets ship items to me?
    A: Yes, but they will charge you FULL PRICE for it.

    Q: Are items in the Coach Factory stores substantially cheaper than in the boutiques?
    A: Depending on the item you want you can get anywhere from a 20-75% discount off the MSRP. Look for the clearance shelf for especially good deals because you can take an extra 20-40% off items located there.

    Q: Are items in the Factory stores of lesser quality than original Coach bags?
    A: Not really. Items in the factory store are just as high quality as Coach bags from the boutique. The only difference is that some pieces may have been handled more or have been sitting on the shelf for a long time so make sure to inspect your bag thoroughly before buying it. The only real notable difference between outlet and boutique pieces is that a small little circle (looks like a target sign) is embossed on the Coach creed of outlet pieces. (Read the next Q & A for more info on the quality of factory store purses!)

    Q: Are Factory store bags made specifically for the factory?
    A: Some are. They will have COACH FACTORY written on the outside price tag. Coach sometimes makes bags especially for the factory as a trial run to see how well they sell before they will make those pieces for the boutique. These bags are held to Coach's standards and are just as well made as regular coach purses. They are not cheap, flimsy, slipshod bags that will fall apart as soon as you leave the store so don't worry =)

    Also, a large percentage of the bags in the factory store are items that are "last season".. they haven't sold in the boutique so they've been shipped off to the outlets so the boutiques can make room for new things.

    Q: How long does it take for an item from the boutique to get to the factory stores?
    A: A great way of checking is to go on and see if the item you want is still on the website. If it's not on the site anymore, chances are it's at the outlet (so call and see if it is!) Outlets usually get new shipments at the beginning of each month so go early to get all the good stuff!
  2. TIPS and TRICKS for making an outlet visit work for you!

    1) If you know you REALLY want a bag, call ahead and have them put it on hold for you! I can't emphasize how much good calling an outlet will do you.. so please don't hesitate to pick up the phone and give them a call!

    2) If you see something you like, GRAB IT. You can ALWAYS put it back later if you don't want it. A lot of times while you're thinking about a bag someone else will just snatch it up! So always HOLD the bag and then think! Nothing is worse than having your dream bag snagged by someone else while you're debating the purchase!

    3) Make two or three rounds around the store. Make sure you look at every piece and its price tag.. sometimes a great deal is hidden! So be sure and look hard!

    4) Make sure you have atleast an hour or so to shop!! Outlet shopping isn't meant to be hurried! ;)
  3. Very helpful!! Thanks!!

    And believe me, I'm a sad victim of #2 on your list above. Just today, I was at a Coach outlet and spotted an adorable signature bag w/ green trim with an additional 20% off the clearance price. I made the mistake of putting it back and not carrying it with me as I continued shopping. I went back not even 10 min later and another girl had snatched it already. Yes, sadly, she bought it and I lost out! :sad: :crybaby:
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  10. This is great info especially since i will be going the the Outlet in SC this thursday. Has anyone been there lately? I just want an idea of what they may have on the shelf. I am soo excited this will be the first or second time going to the outlet (cant remember).
  11. :yes: GREAT tips!

    This seems like one of the more popular outlets so I figured I'd compile all our knowledge on that too! :smile:

    Q: Are there 2 outlets in Vegas? Where are they?
    A: There is one outlet that's officially in Las Vegas - Chelsea Premium Outlets. This one is closer to the strip with all the huge hotels (Caesar's, Bellagio, Stratosphere, etc.) It's about a 10-15 min. cab ride there ($10 if you're coming from the Stratosphere, $15 from Bellagio). The other one Fashion Outlet Las Vegas is a little further away from the strip and located in Primm, NV. It's about a 30 min. ride and you can catch a shuttle there from the MGM grand. I believe it's $12 for a round trip (with a coupon which you can find on the Fashion Outlets site linked above).

    Q: Is one outlet better than the other?
    A: Most people have been saying Premium has a better selection.. and if you're travelling with a ton of people it's cheaper to get there and back.

    Q: What will I find at the Premium Outlet?
    A: LOTS of signature pieces if you like them.. along with some great leather pieces too! You'll also find tons of wristlets, wallets, scarves, belts, keyfobs, some jackets/raincoats, and a lot of "last season" merchandise at great prices. You will NOT find shoes or watches though =(

    Q: When should I go there?
    A: Early in the morning during a weekday is probably your BEST option. If that's not possible, just go early on the weekends (and by early I mean when it opens.. go before 12PM for sure!). It's often a madhouse inside the store and the line is REALLY long. Also keep in mind that there will be tons of ladies grabbing and snatching things left and right. This is where you REALLY REALLY want to hold on to a bag if you're even *remotely* considering buying it.

    Q: Any other tips or tricks to make the visit more worthwhile?
    A: Don't forget to go the outlet websites and sign up to be a VIP shopper!! It's completely FREE and you will get a book of extra coupons if you go to the welcome desk and show the print out you get when you register!! At the Fashion Outlet in Primm you also get special discounts for being an AAA member so be sure and ask! These coupon booklets don't include Coach, but you'll get some great discounts at other stores too ;)
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