Coach Outlets additional 20% off

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  1. Went to the one in Woodbury Commons (NY) and almost the entire store was additional 20% off including clearance. Some clearance items were an additional 30% off.
  2. Think this is a nation wide Labor Day deal?
  3. Sounds good to me.I might go to the Cabazon outlets.
  4. I will check out my local store outlet store.
  5. Yes, not as good of a sale as last year.
  6. I leave in like 20 minutes for the Clinton, CT outlets...I'm like "Christmas Eve" excited...I'm on the hunt for one particular bag...

    (a gold hamptons large hobo...they had some there 2 weeks ago, but I didn't buy then...d'oh!)

    fingers crossed ladies!
  7. got your bag...right?

    Why don't I live closer to an outlet!!!
  8. Hi all, i am looking for a coach signature swingpack. Anybody would have lobang tat i can get it cheap.I dun mind it is a 2nd hand pcs......
  9. yep! Got the hobo (YAY!) and a resort denim hippie...posted pictures over in the main coach forum.
  10. Wow, I never been to an outlet before Sat. I thought 20% off was normal , hehe guess I did better than I thought.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.