Coach Outlet

  1. Hi, I just found out that I may be going to Boston for the labour day long weekend. Being from Toronto, I start looking forward to outlet shopping and also, of course, meeting the relatives. I was wondering if the Coach outlets have any sales during that long weekend? I usually go to the Wrentham outlet in Mass. but if there is any other one near Shrewsbury, please let me know. Thanks.
  2. Oops, my bad. I'm sorry I didn't realize all outlet questions have to be posted in the sticky. Thanks for informing me.
  3. I think every holiday weekend coach has extra sales.
  4. Probably will be 10x the mad house it already is! :P I was wondering what kind armour I should wear because of all the pushing and shoving. LOL. Good luck!
  5. I hope that they will have a sale then! I am anticipating an outlet trip for that!
  6. hey, does anyone know how the outlet sales are like after Christmas? would the sales be better on Thursday/Friday versus Tuesday/Wednesday? i live a few hours away from the outlet and wanted to know when the best deals are coming out. thanks for any input!!
  7. I'd like to know which days are best to go, too, cause I've never been to an outlet after Christmas. Do they have really good sales? My nearest outlet is 4 hours away.
  8. I'm trying to go to one today. I thought about calling but eh, I'll probably just go and hope for the best.
  9. kathyrose - please give a short update when you come back, if you can!
  10. I just called up 2 of the outlets and they're still having an additional 20% off, which is what they normally have.
  11. My mom and I are headed to the Chicago Premium outlets in Aurora tonight to exchange items...will poke around and see what the sales look like.
  12. I just went to San Marcos,TX but found only usual "20% extra off" shelves. I did not see anything good or I wanted there at all. Only got Key fob for my teenage daughter. I got so many good deals in Illinois this spring.
  13. i just got back from there today and thought it was great! But then again I had never been there. I found them to have really good items and great prices! :smile: