Coach outlet

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  1. Are the Coach Outlet stores having any special deals right now (clerance, extra percentage off, etc)? I am looking to get a gallery tote or carryall. Also, if anyone can recommend some styles that would be great. Thanks!
  2. Hmm, haven't been to the Coach outlet lately, but they usually have something reduced...

    One tip. A lot of outlet stores have coupon books that you can pick up from their customer service offices. Sometimes they just hand them out or you need to have a AAA card. Some Coach outlets participate in those coupons... Just something to check out.
  3. Thanks! I think my husband will take me there tomorrow, and be back in time for Super Bowl.
  4. Coach outlets are awesome! I have purchased a few bags from there. They are NOT second bags; they are bags from last season, etc. I bought a pair of beautiful leather/cashmere black gloves that match a Coach bag I have for $50 (originally $250!). Right now almost the whole store is 20% off and winter stuff (gloves, coats, scarves) are an extra 40% off.

    Have fun!!
  5. This is true. Also, they have been experimenting with outlet store only excusives. The patchwork book tote that I have was a limited edition exclusive to the outlet was a hot item on ebay a few months back. There aren't so many new ones of that style out there anymore.

    I love mine...but one bag that I have not used. :sad2:

    Thinking about selling it on Ebay...:oh:
  6. I practically LIVE at Coach outlets...they always have such good deals on pretty and sturdy bags. My latest conquest is a Coach suede gallery tote in dark brown suede with turquoise accents...gorgeous! It was $300 in store, marked down to $150 at the outlet. I found a pen mark inside it (always inspect bags at outlets, b/c they might be damaged) and got 50% off - $75, score! If I were to spend a lot of $$ on a bag, I'd want it to be perfect (like my LV alma), but when I want a fun bag to knock around with, I'm HAPPY to take damaged bags at a discount. So definitely look closely at what you buy and have fun!!
  7. i got the same bag! :biggrin:
  8. OMG, that's one of the bags I'm looking for! :nuts: I really love the brown and turquoise combo. How long ago was this? I hope they still have some left...
  9. I just went last weekend and they had Chevron hobos in pink/white and the original orange/gold colors. They also had the Dot collection as well in totes and demis. As far as prices, I couldn't tell you...I was on a mission for a planner so I didn't look for anything else.
  10. slickskin, I just got it today, so they're still at the outlets, good luck!!
  11. Well, just returned from Coach outlet. They didn't have the bag styles I wanted, so I came out empty- handed.:sad2: I didn't want to settle for just another bag. I'll just save my money for something better. :idea:
  12. I got a huge lime green canvas garden tote with yellow leather trim. Perfect for school in the spring! I think it originally retailed for $300+ but I got it for $118.

    If I were a bigger fan of Coach, I'd live at those outlets.
  13. do they have regular khaki demi purses in most coach outlets? sorry stupid question.
  14. I was at the Coach Outlet-Gilroy, CA this past Saturday and they offered an additional 20% off on their clearance bags.
  15. How do you go about asking for the extra % off? I've had SA's go and get me another bag w/out the defect.