Coach outlet

  1. if you know what bag you want-can you call an outlet, see if they have it and if they do-would they ship it to you with a credit card?
  2. nope! outlets are picky...they won't even ship it to another store.
  3. that's what I thought-now, how to convince my husband to take a drive an hour away just to go to a Coach outlet-ain't gonna happen! LOL
  4. They won't ship it to you but you can find out which outlets have what and then decide to make the trip or not.
  5. oops posted in the wront thread....
  6. If you are thinking bout going to the one in Woodbury Commons don't waste your time. The bags they have are fugly and most of their stock is outlet bags not store leftovers. You are better off just checking on Ebay. I would suggest only going to WC if you are looking for something in suede as it seems they carry every suede bag Coach ever made except for Gallery totes.
  7. do they carry the suede beaded tote at woodbury commons?
  8. I was there last Sat and saw one in lilac w/the silver beading. I would call them and ask. They're pretty good at answering the phone over there. I harassed them every day for about two weeks looking for a Coach scarf for my mom :amuse:

  9. Yeah-that is the one I was thinking of-that bad-huh? :sad:

    Is there one in Seacaucus?