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  1. I am so I don't know if it's more hurt or offended than mad... I went to the outlet and bought a bag wallet and keychain. I was done shopping and was about to head to my car to go home and realized that I didn't have a dust bag to store my bag. All my bags have a dust bag. So I headed back to Coach and asked for a dust bag two SA's a male and female listened to my dilemma the in the middle of my telling them about how I wanted the dustbag the female associate heads to the back room the male proceeds to some cabinets to "look" for an extra dustbag. While the male is looking for a dustbag the female comes out from the back with a dust bag in hand and hands it to the male she sets it on the counter and he pushes it back towards her like saying no take it back. He refused to give me the dustbag! I was mortified this my first purchase at an outlet then he went on to explain that not all bags come with dustbags etc. etc. Then, he said you can return the bag if your unhappy with the fact that it has no dustbag. I REALLY liked the bag but was so upset that he refused to give me th dustbag that I said, yes I don't want the bag if doesn't have a dustbag I had seen the exact same bag at the mall for practically double the price so I knew I would regret it later, but oh well. I'd rather spend my money where they make me feel appreciated. Then the SA that actually sold me the bag asked, would you like a gift box? I can give you a gift box and tissue paper so you can wrap it and store it. So I took it!!! I am just so mortified I had to vent sorry it's so long!!!
  2. Sorry they treated you like that :tdown: Most of the bags at the outlet don't come with a dustbag... a few do.... I think it's just luck of the draw.
  3. Sorry you had such a bad time. The SA shouldn't have treated you like that.

    But only 2 out of my 4 outlet bags have come with dustbags. It's just luck of the draw.
  4. OMG - I JUST posted regarding this dust bag situation today! I was at the outlet yesterday and told the SA I had bought a bag a few years ago from there and can I get one - she said only bags that come from the stores have dust bags - if the bags come directly from the factory then they do not come with dust bags. I don't see why they can't just have them for ALL of the bags regardless of where it came from! And there is NO reason you should have been treated like that:cursing:
  5. I have yet to purchase a bag at the outlet that came with a dustbag. Nonetheless, you shouldn't have been treated that way. Sorry! :sad:
  6. it's interesting though...they will give you small "cheap" outlet type dustbags for smaller items like minnie skinny's, charms and keyfobs...
    regardless...that was no way to treat a customer:tdown:
  7. Yes, that's exactly what the male SA told me about the dustbag situation. But for Goodness sake the female brought out a dust bag and gave it to him and he gave BACK to her. I think he was just being RUDE!!! Then he sarcastically says if I don't like it I should return it!!! I was in no way being rude. Ughh!!! I wanted to strangle him!!!
  8. That's horrible. Yes, some bags come with them and some don't. In my opinion they should provide dust bags for everything regardless of retail or outlet and whether it's a bag, swingpack, wallet, keychain, charm, etc. I think we pay enough for these items that we should be provided with something to store and preserve them in. I hate having to buy dust bags separately from eBay. I just bought the Legacy Swingpack and of course the swingpacks do not come with dust bags. I had to buy one off eBay.

    Sorry you had such a bad experience. If they were not going to provide a dust bag, then they should have told you that nicely when you asked, rather than pretending to look for one only to turn around and say "no". That's inexcusable, especially for a dust bag that probably costs them less than $2.00 (if that) to produce.
  9. That's completely ridiculous that they found a dust bag and then refused to give it to you!! Such poor customer service; sorry you had this happen.:oh:
  10. I truly am sorry about what you had to go through. That was so terribly rude of him. i know it's easy for me to say not to dwell on it, but think about the good deal you've gotten and as for dust bag... Perhaps ask the boutique SA very very nicely for one (if they have any extra).

    I hope you still enjoy the bag.
  11. Sorry you were treated so rudely!

    When I bought my leather Mia at the outlet, I was surprised to find the brown dust bag folded up at the bottom of the purse!

    One other time, I purchased a bag at thet outlet and no dust bag of course and I didn't expect one... I stopped by a boutique later on and asked if they had one that would fit -- and they gave me one.
  12. What a jerk, he could have given it to you if he wanted
  13. Yuck ~ that was definitely rude! I'd be especially annoyed that he pretended to look for a dustbag when really, he wasn't planning on giving you one at all.:tdown:
  14. I totally agree! My husband has a GREAT saying for ppl who work in retail and don't know how to treat customers..."If you don't like your job...quit."
    It's so true! So many SA's do NOT realize that a simple smile and a "thank you, have a nice day" -
    go REALLY far. :yes:I still can't get over that he told you to return it....maybe you should call the manager....:push:
  15. Um, the problem is NOT that they didn't give you a dustbag. It's that they had one, dangled it in your face, then TOOK IT AWAY! What is up with that??? If the outlet bags weren't supposed to come with dustbags then why did they bring one out? Why pretend to look in the first place? I'm sorry you had to deal with that, maybe you should call back and explain the situation to the manager.

    Personally I would have pretty PO'ed too. But I think the SA who gift wrapped it for you was being nice, so at least know that all of Coach didn't give you bad service that day.
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